Frequently asked questions

What measures have you taken regarding Covid-19?

Our Trikke tours, which operate entirely outside, have a maximum of 4 guests. All high-touch equipment surfaces are sanitized before and after excursions. We also have hand sanitizer available on site for guests. We follow state, local and CDC Covid-19 safety guidelines.

Will we be shown how to ride?

Yes. Before starting any of our tours we give you an individual lesson on every aspect of the vehicle then let you take a short practice ride (usually in the parking lot where the tour starts). It usually takes just minutes to master. Most people find it quite easy to learn! Trikkes have familiar steering like a bicycle, and they have a throttle on the handlebar for power, like a scooter. There is a brake on the handlebar for braking. The whole frame leans with you, making it a dynamic and ACTIVE ride. We make sure you are comfortable before we ride. <link />

Is there a minimum or maximum age to ride?

We like to say 13-100 but, although the trikes are quite easy to ride, the guest must be able to handle the vehicle safely and be comfortable riding in the bike lane when we must go out on the roads. All attendees who are age 13-17 must have a responsible adult ride with them on tour, and all riders (regardless of age) need to complete and sign a “liability waiver”. Minors must have their waivers signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Do you need any special equipment to ride?

We provide each rider with an approved bicycle helmet (you may bring your own bicycle helmet if you want) to use while riding however no other special equipment is needed. Wear comfortable clothes to fit the season and shoes to best enjoy the ride. Flip flops, high heeled shoes and open toed shoes are not permitted. We recommend a good pair of running shoes

Is there any place to store my camera and phone?

Yes, each trike has a case with a water bottle and pockets to store your stuff. This way both hands are free to operate your vehicle. You’re welcome to bring your camera or smartphone, but since you need both hands on the Trikke’s handlebars while in motion, you are not allowed to use any handheld type of electronic device while in motion. When we are stopped (we make stops waiting for signal lights or while telling different stories along each route) or taking a more extended break, we encourage you to take photos, or you can ask our guides to take one for you. The Trikkes’ case has limited space so you might want to bring a small backpack

Is there anything I should bring with me?

We recommend sunglasses and sunscreen. Money/credit card if you would like to purchase something from one of the shops along our route.

Is there a weight and height limit to take this tour?

Yes, there is a strict limit of 250 pounds to ride this vehicle. Generally, you should be 5' to 6'3" to ride this vehicle.

How long does a typical tour last and how much does it cost?

The usual tour lasts about two hours and includes stops for pictures, refreshments, restrooms, etc. Each tour costs $80. If you book 4 or more at one time you will save $10 per booking if you book online. <link />

Do you offer any other discounts?

We are always having special promotions so follow us on Facebook/Instagram to see what other discounts are available. <link />, <instagram></instagram>

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Our tour guides are scheduled based on bookings. Due to the nature of a tour business, once you book a slot, it is yours and no longer available to others. Therefore, our policy is no refunds. However, with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice (by email or phone), you may reschedule your tour to another day from the calendar (by emailing or calling us), or if you are not sure of a new date, we’ll issue you an electronic gift card for your credit. Your tour credit does not expire. If you do not provide any notice within our notification period, your tickets are forfeited and not available for future use.

What about weather?

In the event of inclement weather that could interfere with the tour, we cancel the tour and notify you about 90 minutes before your tour at the phone number you provided with your booking. So please be sure to provide a good phone number. If we cancel a tour due to weather, you will have tour credit to apply to a future tour from our calendar. No refunds are provided. Your credit does not expire. Light or intermittent light showers usually do not lead to a cancellation. (We provide rain ponchos.) Allstar Trike Tours will make the final determination if a tour is cancelled due to rain, snow, or other undesirable weather. However, guests may reschedule for any reason with at least 24 hours’ notice by email or phone. <link />

Can I schedule a custom day or time?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to schedule a custom time for your group. We need advance notice. All Trikke tours operate during daylight hours only. <email></email>

Should I arrive before my scheduled time? Where do I park?

We request that all Trikke tour guests arrive just 15 minutes prior to your tour time. This ensures that we get a timely start to the tours. Please allow yourself time to find parking, especially if you are unfamiliar with our location. There is no reason to arrive on-site earlier than 15 minutes before a tour.

  • Parking for Tour of Venice: 14031 Palawan Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

  • Parking for Griffith Park: 4310 Griffith Park Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

  • Parking for Ave S Trikke Trail: 210 E Ave S, Palmdale, Ca 93551

Please allow adequate time to park and arrive for your tour 15 MINUTES EARLY to check-in. Tours depart promptly. Please be courteous to others and arrive on time.

Does your guide accept gratuities?

Yes! Our knowledgeable guides work hard to make your experience fun and interesting. If you would like to acknowledge their excellent service with a tip, please leave it with them at the end of your tour. Cash is preferred, but credit cards can also be used for tips.